They always say ‘the furthest distance is when you are beside me, yet you don’t know i love you.

save me the tears.

I say ‘the furthest distance is when you are 1 digit away from striking 4D first prize.

just came back from the nike+ human race 10k. really cui took 1h20min to complete. aimed for 1h10min. so i complied a list of blames; for im not at fault for not training.

1. the shorts

2. the XXL shirt.

3. the short water point.

4. the sheer number of people

5. the girls with hot pants.

6. the drinks too sweet.

7. the shoes too stiff.

8. the heavy breakfast.

9. the night without any sleep.

10. Akon.

i gonna do better next round.

what do you do when u cant sleep?

i dont like to talk about goals. a man can have a million and one goals, but if he doesn’t do something bout it, it will remain as a goal. I think i’m one of those who only plan when the time comes.

and i like to daydream (: or night if you’re anal

i always like to think about the crib i gonna stay in the future

first of all, it has to be of a substantial size.

when you open the big, wooden door, there would be a dark colored hall, of maybe blue n grey and dashes of metal elements. it will be sparsely furnished. with a sofa n coffee table, both low, i like to sit on the floor. there has to be a TV wall. with all the consoles hidden somewhere behind. i particularly hate wires.

the kitchen would be of full view from the hall. it could be a bit brighter than the living room, but the most i would go is white. there has to be a kitchen island, either white or gray with dark graphite top. also there would be a built in oven and fridge, with metal doors n hinges.

the most sinful thing would be a vending machine right in the smack of the house.

next would be my room. should be very comfortable with a earthy tone, with a large plush bed and a reading chair by the side. walk-in wardrobe would be fantastic, even more if its linked to the bathroom discreetly.

and my audi a5 would be parked downstairs, waiting for me to revved it up everyday.

can u get the picture im trying to paint here??

AHHHHHH what a life!

but its time to wake up

If I were a boy is such a nice song, and the way beyonce sang it makes the song doubly good.


I think I can do a better job.

IF I WERE A GIRL – Chengsiong

If I were a girl even just for a day
I’d watch gossip girl in the morning
And whenever I wanted

And go shopping with the girls
And look for high heels
I’d buy it with out much thinking
And I’d snatch with an auntie for it

If I were a girl
I think I could understand
How it feels to be BRAZIL-ED
I swear it’d be super pain

I’d listen to him
Cause I know how it hurts
When you miss the match you wanted
Cause she’s hogging on the remote
And every match you bet got KANTONGed

If I were a girl
I would go manicure
Tell everyone it’s broken
So they’d think that I painted it myself

I’d put lipstick first
And mascara as I go
Cause I know that he’d be dulan
Waiting for me to go out, to go out

If I were a girl,
I think I could understand
How it feels to PMS
I swear I’d eat a better pill

I’d listen to him
‘Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the match you punted
‘Cause she’s blaming on the period
And every match you bet got KANTONGed

It’s a little to late for you to go out
Say it’s just an hour
Think I’d forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you

You thought wrong

But you’re just a girl
You don’t understand
And you don’t understand, oh
How it feels to win a match
Someday you dreamt you were Ronaldo

You don’t bet on a match
You don’t care how it works
Until you lose the match you betted
Cause you’re hogging on the remote
And every match you bet got KANTONGed
But you’re just a girl

ran out of idea towards the end. hahahaha hope you like it :p

this shall mark the resurrection of my blog. stay tuned! bookmark me, RSS me, favourite me, whatever me i will try to update more often heh heh

give me a minute. im trying to find back my posting energy.

*due to some limitations, the following content was edited. u just slot in some professional terms n u will get an idea.

ah soon recently starts work as poor clerk in a big company. he has to handle everything from pens to erasers to penknife to rulers to post it notes to staples. it was a logistical disaster when the staff wants to draw something from him.

then one day, his supervisor, mr lee called him when he was off work, to ask him whether we have hole puncher and binding machine. given the sheer size of the store he was in charged of, he wasnt sure theres any of them under his care. so he said he would check. but the supervisor chuckled at him, saying he doesnt know his job well. what the supervisor doesnt know is, he was the one who bought all the stuffs in the store. so much for not knowing his job.

but being a subordinate, he no choice, he bo bian he has to find out the next day in work. moments later, mr lee got his runner to contact him regarding the hole puncher n binding machine. but the runner sibei guai lan, got his runner to call him.

“whats e big deal?” he told himself

turns out he needs 3 puncher n 3 binding machine by 9am e next day as there was an important official visit n ah soon can get all tt in a shop beside us. but the shop only opens at 830, and it needs alot of signatures, including the chairman’s, before the stuffs he wanted can be issued.

when ahsoon tried to get the chairman’s signature, he damn dulan alr. cos its damn late, so he took one ruler and smash it against the cabinet. and he thought its ahsoon’s fault tt it was so late.

so he thought of a grand plan to tekan him. he instructed ahsoon to layout all the things he has in the store for he to stock count. the last time ahsoon counted, he has thousands over pens, a few hundred pencils and alot more rulers eraser. e biggest set back is the boss wanted all the fountain penned stripped to its parts, he wanted to check its spring, ink and whats not.

if it was laid out, it would look like a pasar malam! but ahsoon no choice, ahsoon lan lan, do it. luckily he has some nice colleagues to help him.

to further tekan ahsoon, the chairman pass down instructions tt noone is to leave e company until the stock are being accounted for, to see if theres anyone pen or toilet paper thieves. to make e whole company hate ahsoon

although e chairman changed his mind, he doesnt wan ahsoon to lay out everything, he still delayed e whole company. so one toilet cleaner was singing out “all e store fault all e store fault” ahsoon swore the toilet cleaner was fucking childish. he must be one of those toilet paper thieves.

so the chairman came to e store, and he checked everything single pens. when he found out tt one of the pen ran out of ink, he ordered ahsoon to refill all the pens till the brim. nvm, ahsoon do. finally the chairman played enough n let ahsoon off.

just to sum up ahsoon’s day, the car which is supposed to get him dinner n home, ran out of batt.



very sian recently, nth much going on.. sorry to made u all look at the lobster for so long hahaha

so for now, continue to look at it (:

u always hear ppl go sentosa kanna burnt, burnt like lobster

i never go sentosa i also becoming lobster

lobster flesh that is. white like what. sian i want to nono i need to go tannnnn. i desperate until i thought i can tan when i went to sao mu (sweep tomb) jus now. but when i got there, there blazing sun was gone and it threaten to rain. W.T.H

and my neighbour is reciting some mantra with a group a ppl now. going like “cha ling gin cha” the whole night. scarly is some cult

right now at TTSH for my shoulder appointment. sian this is the dont know how many times i am in the hosptial already for my Nth number of checkups.

since when i became so problematic i also dont know. i used to go 5 months without reporitng sick in Tekong. i thought i was those siao on kind but then now i proved myself wrong.

i never wanted to geng leh. if i can i would rather stay in recce, go for bike course go for the scout course. i never actively seek an easy way out of it, but they dint want me cos of my shoulder. thats why when i look at ppl like trevin now, i abit green-eyes. no doubt everyone wants a good life, but if they is no purpose then it would be a waste of time =.=

jus now i was taking a nap then i dreamt of striking toto hahahaha wad else. i sort of figure out wad would i do with it, i definitely dont want spend it away, just like that. maybe should plan smth now even if i didnt stike the holy grail. 21 alr leh. they say still young but put it bluntly, its more thank a quarter of your life gone. tsk tsk